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      Date: Jan 10, 2019
     Title: Courses in Cincinnati

Next Italian Language Courses

will start in 2021 (Date to be decided)

on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Fee: $280

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Seats available in the following courses:

{cms_selflink page='italian-101' text='Beginning Italian'}

{cms_selflink page='italian-102' text='Elementary Italian'}

{cms_selflink page='italian-103' text='Intermediate Italian'}

{cms_selflink page='italian-105' text='Advanced Italian'}

We accept personal checks, money orders and credit cards. You may register either {cms_selflink page='registrazione' text='online'} or by {cms_selflink page='scarica-modulo-di-registrazione' text='mail'}

To register by mail, please print this registration form and send it with your payment (check or money order made out to AMICI) to:

School AMICI
P.O. Box 23337
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223

Please do NOT mail form or check to the school address, but only to the above P.O. Box

Seating is LIMITED.

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