Beginning Italian Plus

Wednesday, 6:30-8:30pm (syllabus below)

This class is designed for those who already know the basics of the language and want to expand their vocabulary and comprehension beyond the simple phraseology. The teacher will communicate mostly in Italian and will introduce the present tense of main verbs, so that students can take a more active role in everyday conversation. Lessons are mostly focused on verbs, nouns with adjectives that allow students to articulate complete sentences.

This course will start on January 17, 2018

10 lessons

FEE: $260

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Download the syllabus for Winter 2018



Lesson 1
Present tense of common verbs; Days of the week and months; Conversation

Lesson 2
Present tense of verbs;
I kike; I don't like; Conversation using expressions of liking

Lessson 3
Present tense of irregular verbs: andare, venire, fare, bere, uscire.


Lesson 4
Who are you?; What do you do? Family members; How is?

Lesson 5
Quale; Quanti; Verb sapere; Conversation

Lessson 6
Comparisons with adjectives: piu' o meno; Practice

Lesson 7
Would you like? The menu and kinds of food; Conversation


Lesson 8
Superlative; To like and not to like; Conversations using superlatives

Lesson 9
Present tense of verbs dovere, potere and volere and group conversation on what to do

Lesson 10
Prepositions with article; Un po' di, alcuni; Final open conversation