Frequently Asked Questions

How long has School AMICI been teaching Italian language in Cincinnati?
We have been teaching Italian since 1985.

How many lessons are in each course?
Each online course includes eight weekly lessons of 90 minutes.

When are the classes offered?
They are scheduled on Wednesdays-Thursday, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm or from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

How long will it take me to learn Italian?
Comprehension and speaking skills don't develop at the same speed for each student; they depend on your dedication to the language. We can estimate that you would feel confident to express simple thoughts in Italian after consistently attending three consecutive progressive courses.

Is there a test to take at the end of the course?
There are no tests, quizzes or final exam for any of our courses.

Is there homework to complete?
Yes, the teacher will assign homework based on what is covered in class each week. Homework will not take too much of your time and has the purpose to reinforce what you learn at school.

Are the teachers Italian?
Yes, all our teachers are native Italians, graduated from Italian universities. Their mother tongue is Italian and they are fluent in English too.

Where do I purchase my textbook?
The easiest and least expensive way to get the textbook is to order online through our website. The link Textbook will connect you directly to the Amazon webpage where you can order. We suggest buying a used copy in very good conditions.

Do you offer discounts or pro-rated charges?
No, we don’t. We keep our fee very competitive and cannot discount or pro-rate.

Do I get credit hours from your courses?
No, we don't offer academic credit for our courses.

I studied some Italian before. In which course should I enroll?
If not sure, we can help you to determine which class fits you better. We can only estimate where to place you. However, you have the opportunity to change course during the first week of the session, if you realize that a class is not suited to you. We recommend to check description and contents of the courses to know what is covered in each class.

Do I have to start from the Beginning course?
No, you can enroll in any courses, based on your knowledge of Italian, if you studied this language in the past. Beginning classes are for those who never studied Italian before.

May I re-enroll in the same course?
Yes, you can take a course as many times you wish.

Who is teaching my course in this session?
Our instructors don’t teach always the same course, so we cannot determine in advance who is teaching a course in each session. Usually we post the teacher's name for a course on our website a few days before the course starts.

Is there a registration deadline?
Yes. Registration usually closes one week before the course begins.

I missed the registration deadline. May I still join the course?
It depends on the availability of seats. If we have space in a course, you can still join. If the course is full, we will put your name on a waiting list for the next session or in case a student drops out.

How many students are in each class?
The number of students in a class changes at each session, depending on enrollment. Generally we have from 10 to 15 students attending a course. Beginning courses are usually more crowded than others, therefore it is important to register early. Since seating is limited, enrollment is on a first come-first served basis.

Is there parking space at the school?
Yes, there is plenty of on-site free parking.

Do you use CDs or interactive material in class?
Courses are mostly based on Italian spoken in class. No Cds are necessary to attend the lessons. We may provide a free online access link where you can do additional exercises and listen to audio files to practice comprehension of the language.

How old are the students in your courses?
We have students of all ages, from 14 years old to people in their 80s.

Do you offer classes for children?
No, we only offer classes for adults.

I will be unable to attend all lessons. May I still sign up?
Absolutely. If you miss a lesson, you will be able to catch up with the class by studying the section indicated on the syllabus for that night. You can also ask your teacher if you have questions or need further help.

Do you offer classes on other weekdays or weekends?
No. We offer classes on Wednesday and Thursday evening only.

Do you offer classes in the summer?
No. We have no classes in June, July and August.

How can I know more about your school, courses and services?
You can e-mail your questions to and we will be glad to assist you. You can also "like" School Amici Facebook page. We post classes, social events, various activities, news, pictures and more.

I am interested in taking classes in the future.  How do I get on your mailing list?
You can visit and directly place your e-mail address on our list La Piazza. This way we will be able to inform you regularly about our classes, events, special offers, schedules and deadlines. You can also email and request to be placed on our list.

We respect your privacy: the e-mail address that you provide is only used to inform you about our classes and events. It's not shared with other companies or passed to other students or third parties.