Beginning Italian

Wednesday, 6:30-8:30pm (syllabus below)

This class is for students who have never studied Italian before. From the very first class, the teacher starts speaking some Italian. Students learn how to introduce themselves, practice greetings, asking information, expressing needs and simple thoughts. The purpose is to provide basic vocabulary, grammar and expressions for simple oral communication. In order to carry on simple short dialogues, lessons are mostly aimed to teach pronunciation of nouns, adjectives, numbers, and present tense of some common verbs.

This course will start on January 17, 2018

10 lessons

FEE: $260

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Download the syllabus for Winter 2018



Lessson 1
Introduction to language
Greetings; What's your name? Practice with greetings

Lesson 2
Introduce yourself
What's your name? Where are you from? Do you like?

Lesson 3
Numbers and dates
Months and Seasons
Practice with dates and days of the week


Lessson 4
Masculine and feminine; Singular and plural; Practice

Lessson 5
How are you? How old are you? How is it? Conversation

Lessson 6
Adjectives used with nouns; Present tense of "to be" and common expressions

Lesson 7
Present tense of "to have and common idiomatic expressions; What? There is, There are



Lesson 8
Colors; Practice
Possessive adjectives used with nouns; Conversation

Lesson 9
Excuse me; Review of numbers; Telling time; Conversation

Lesson 10
Present tense of common regular verbs; Practice in open conversation groups