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Elementary Italian | School Amici



Elementary Italian

Wednesday, 7:30-9:00 PM (see contents below)

This course is designed for those who already know the basic structure of the language and want to expand their vocabulary and comprehension beyond the simple thoughts. The teacher will communicate slowly in Italian and will introduce the present tense of regular and irregular verbs and common expressions, so that students can take a more active role in everyday life. Lessons are focused on verbs and words that allow students to form complete sentences.

This course will start in 2022 on date to be decided

Teacher: Mariateresa

8 weekly online lessons on Wednesday, 7:30-9:00 PM

Fee: $280

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Week 1

Present tense of common regular verbs; How to say what you usually do

Week 2

Present tense of regular verbs; Tell what other people do; I like & don't like + verbs

Week 3

Present tense of irregular verbs: andare, venire, fare, bere, uscire.



Week 4

Who is he/she?; What do you do? Using possessive with family members

Week 5

Quale; Quanti; Verb sapere; To know a fact; To know how to do things

Week 6

Comparing things and people; Piu' o meno; Practice to compare





Week 7

Would you like...?; Parts of menu and table; How to order at a restaurant

Week 8

The best; The most; Simple prepositions; Express what you  prefer, can or must do