Intermediate Italian

Wednesday, 6:30-8:30pm (see calendar below)

This course is designed for those who already have a fair knowledge of the basic Italian grammar. The goal of this course is to improve overall comprehension, vocabulary usage, and conversation skills. Students will continue their study of Italian grammar and will apply it to everyday conversation. The ability of communicating will be mostly developed through dialogues using main tenses of verbs. Most of the lessons aim to develop confidence in understanding and replying with simple grammar structure. In this course only Italian is spoken by the teacher and among students. A brief preliminary telephone conversation is recommended for those who are not sure if their language skill is appropriate for this class.

This course will start on April 4, 2018

9 lessons

FEE: $260

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Lesson 1
Review of verb potere, dovere e volere; Mi puoi? Posso? Vorrei.

Lessson 2
Cosa porti? Clothes;
Parts of the body and irregular plurals

Lesson 3
Gerundio; Cosa stai facendo? Riflessivi; Practice in group


Lesson 4
Bene e male; Cosi' cosi'
Regular adverbs;

Lesson 5
Passato prossimo; Cosa hai fatto questa settimana; Conversation

Lesson 6
Passato prossimo con avere e essere; Conversation

Lesson 7
Negativi: non, mai, nessuno, niente; Practice


Lesson 8
Auguri; Festivita';
Reflexive expressions; Ci vediamo domani

Lesson 9
Passato prossimo con verbi riflessivi e reciproci; Group conversation

Social Event
Practice in open group  conversation with native Italians