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School AMICI offers four different language courses. All classes are online on Wednesday and Thursday evening.


To learn a language you need consistent practice, but also some fun. Students attending classes actively participate in enjoyable activities; lessons are set in a relaxed and fun environment. Studying a little bit every day is recommended, but most of the learning will be done during the lessons.

The following are our standard courses. If you are not sure which one is more appropriate for you, please call us and we will determine your best fit. You can also click on each course name to see details about program contents.

Beginning Italian (Level 1)
This course is for people who have never studied Italian or have very basic knowledge of simple expressions and vocabulary. Students learn how to greet people and to introduce themselves, to express what they like and dislike, to describe people. Lessons include grammar to verbalize simple thoughts.

Elementary Italian (Level 2)
This is a course for students who have had some exposure to the language and feel comfortable with basic grammar and conversation. Prepositions, adverbs and reflexive verbs are used. It is mostly recommended for those who want to improve their vocabulary to participate in social life more actively.

Intermediate Italian (Level 3)
This course is designed for students who can communicate their thoughts in clear and precise manner, using all main tenses of verbs. The goal is to improve comprehension and speaking. Use of more refined grammar and expressions is featured, so that the student can express more complex ideas and preferences. Lessons are conducted in Italian only.

Advanced Italian (Level 4)
Students who already have a good command of Italian or have studied for at least one to two years will be ready for this class. Group conversation is featured during the lessons, using advanced parts of speech and all tenses of verbs. Since advanced Italian is spoken in class, we recommend a preliminary telephone conversation to make sure your language skills are appropriate for this course.

Next online classes starting in 2022 on dates to be decided


Questions? Call us at 513-681-0224