The following are comments of some students who attended our classes and shared their opinion or general experience with us.

Excellent teacher: very patient and with great sense of humor; makes the lessons fun. (Jana A.)

I particularly like the cheerful and relaxed atmosphere of classes: instructors and classmates are very welcoming. (Louis S.)

The programming is excellent and the major advantage is the authenticity of the instructors. (Mike T.)

Wonderful atmosphere and convenient location. The teacher was very patient. (Amelia S.)

The atmosphere is friendly. I had great classmates, an excellent teacher, the location is central and the price is right. What more could you ask for? (Eric L.)

I like that classes are taught by native Italians. The flavor of the country and customs are shared during the lessons. I was very satisfied. (William R.)

I really enjoyed my instructor and the interaction among class members. The curriculum was just right as far as challenging but not overpowering. (Don A.)

The people who teach and those who take the course are always very interesting. (Mary V.)

The instructors are Italian: you learn the right pronunciation. (Cheryl B.)

The facilities are nice. I really enjoyed my class, particularly when the teacher told us about the Italian culture and lifestyle. (Connie B.)

I particularly enjoyed that the instructor was a native Italian and could impart a great deal of culture to the class. He always had interesting stories. (Starr D.)

Location, time and length of lessons were actually very good. The facility was very nice as well. I really enjoyed the classes. Thank you! (Ray E.)

I continue to enjoy the classes each term. The conversation is a lot of fun and I learn something new in every lesson. The location and facility are excellent. (Lisa D.)

I like the interactivity of the instructors with the students. I very much enjoyed the demeanor of the advanced class, the combination of students and the direction provided by the teacher. (Joe F.)

The staff is very friendly and unintimidating for first time students. I find particularly great that courses are taught by Italians who have the most knowledge about their heritage and culture. (Missy D.)

The quality and friendliness of all teachers is outstanding. Great atmosphere! (Beth M. )

My teacher is excellent. She always speaks in Italian as much as possible, has endless patience and great sense of humor. The class is well paced. (Mary F.)

I like the casual atmosphere. I feel very comfortable with the other students and don’t feel embarrassed or stupid if I make a mistake. Thank you! (Stephanie B.)

My teacher is a gem. The facility is comfortable and in a great location. This class has been fun: I have met many nice people and have formed friendships that extend beyond the weekly lesson. (Laura L.)

There is a good variety of topics in the syllabus. The conversation and writing assignments are very helpful. Location and facility are superb. (Nelida M.)

I have taken other Italian classes in the past, but this course was the best. Pace of the program, preparation and approach of the teacher were great. I will re-enroll in the next session. (Kathy H.)

School Amici will teach you Italian. You will also meet awesome people who will become close friends. (Gene P.)

Think you might like to speak a little Italian? I learned it here. This might be your moment. (Matthew S.)

If you want to immerse yourself in the Italian language and culture with a supportive, fun, and talented team of educators, then School Amici will not disappoint. There is as much fun and learning outside the classroom as in the classroom. (Raphaela F.)