Would you like to host an Italian high school student, boy or girl (age 16-17), for the year 2020-2021? School Amici can help you.

By opening up your heart and your home, you will give an exceptional young person the opportunity of a lifetime: to live with your family and to experience firsthand the language and culture of your country. It is the meeting of two worlds that allows student and host living together as one family.

You provide meals and a room, plus transportation when needed. Your student may even share a room with a child of the same sex. Students pay for their round-trip airfare and come with their own medical insurance coverage and spending money. Your most important contribution is far from monetary; it comes from your heart, welcoming the student as a true member of your family. In fact, having an exchange student in your home is like having an adopted son or daughter. He or she enjoys the privileges as well as assumes duties and responsibilities in your house. You will develop a bond that will span thousands of miles and will last a lifetime.

Exchange students are selected on the basis of their high academic standing, their adaptable manner and sense of adventure. They are conversant in English, therefore they are able to communicate with you. It is a mutually great experience!

Michele Alonzo, Director of School Amici, is the area representative for ASSE (, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering cultural enrichment through a student exchange program. Please contact him at 513 681-0224 if you are interested in hosting an Italian high student for the next school year.

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Bring Italy into your home!

These are samples of letters written by our exchange students to their host families:

Letter from Martina

Letter from Silvia

Letter from Margherita

Letter from Giulia

Letter from Matteo

Letter from Simone