Italian Translation Services

For various applications, Italian Consulates require the accurate translation of English original documents that are submitted to them for certification.   Michele Alonzo is an authorized translator recommended by the Consulate of Italy in Detroit, Michigan.

We can provide timely and accurate translations of:

  • Citizenship applications
  • Passports
  • Legal documents
  • Marriage certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Divorce decrees
  • School transcripts
  • Letters of reference
  • Personal letters
  • Travel booklets
  • Scientific articles
  • Medical records
  • Contracts
  • Marketing materials
  • Manuals
  • Instructions
  • Advertising

Call 513 681-0224 or email if you need a translation.

"I greatly appreciated your professionalism, your work, and that you always got back to me fast (including email correspondece, etc...) and did all of this work for me so rapidly!" (Andrea V.)

Italian Interpretation in Medical, Legal and Technical language

School AMICI also provides professional interpretation service: a process of translating verbal communication in real-time. Please call 513 681-0224 if you need a native trained Italian interpreter for meetings, conferences, or social events.